Family Support Addiction and Recovery Groups

Family Support Addiction and Recovery Groups

Addiction is insidiousness not only to the primary addict, but has negative ramifications for the rest of the family.  Often many treatment venues will just concern themselves with the addict and leave family members left to their own resources to deal with the problem.  Addiction is a family disease and research has shown that an addict(or abuser's) length and severity of use is significantly shortened if the supporting members receive behavioral cognitive therapy in a group setting.

We are of the strong belief that all recovery starts with harm reduction with the ultimate goal of abstinence.  While their are acute cases where abstinence is needed, but since most folks took a long time to get in the woods and need help to walk out of the forest one step at a time.  Not only does that apply to the addict, but perhaps even more so to the ancillary players in the dance(family. friends, employees. etc.  Working with the construct "that you can always tell an addict, but you can't tell them much", we are hear to give you evidence based mechanisms and a user friendly templates "to meet your addicts where they are at" and give you actionable advice to potentially move your loved one in the direction towards recovery.

While that might sound ambitious, all attendees will walk away with better coping skills and a holistic understanding of the disease.  We have found that family members often have guilt or significant grief because they feel helpless on the proverbial merry go round: watching a loved one floundering in the addiction abyss.  We practice only love and empathy solutions(tough love is used very sparingly) and we work with the undeniable reality that if you strengthen the parts that intersect with the problem, we will by proxy:  move the addict in the right direction while improving your knowledge and emotional well-being.



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