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Kristie Doheny, Psy.D., LMHC, LMSW
Telephone: 347-255-2087
Facsimile: 718-228-9488
Now offering 2 locations!!
74-05 Metropoltan Ave, Suite 2F
Middle Village, New York 11379
150 Motor Parkway



 Life Beyond an Eating Disorder



HHC for Personal Growth and Healing presents a 9-week group for adolescents between ages 12 to 18 dealing with an eating disorder or unhealthy eating behaviors.  This group will help explore one’s inner self beyond the eating disorder, as well as improve communication skills, increase self-esteem, and enhance healthy coping mechanisms.  This group is a safe and confidential place to vent feelings and thoughts in regards to the eating disorder and gain feedback from others in the same situation.  An eating disorder is a tough battle to fight, and no one should have to do it alone. 
Break Free (Chronic Dieting Group)
Do you feel as if you have been dieting your whole life?  Have you tried multiple diets and none seem to work?  Perhaps it is time to go beyond a diet and learn techniques that will enhance your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle once and for all.  HHC for Personal Growth and Healing will be running an 11-week group for adults who have been dealing with chronic dieting and are ready for a change.  This group will help you deal with every day situations that get in the way of dieting as well as teach you how to deal with set backs, emotional eating, and unwanted cravings.  You will learn how to find the time for dieting and exercising as well as finding motivation for doing so.  Join others, as you break free from your chronic dieting to finally achieve the healthy and happy lifestyle you have always wanted.
Each group has a participation fee of $10.00 per session.